Councillor for Ward 4, Highlands East
Working Together

We are a small but diverse community. The permanent population of Highlands East is just over 3,000 people and the population of Ward 4 is a fraction of that. Within our community, young families, retirees, entrepreneurs and interest groups share our modest resources.

At the same time cottagers are increasing their role in our community. Families now make use of their cottages well into the off-season. Some cottagers choose to live here permanently, either as retirees or new residents, contributing their entrepreneurial skills to our community.

Respect for each other is essential if we are to succeed as a community. Sometimes the needs of various groups overlap, sometimes they compete. It is the job of our council to find a fair balance between competing needs and to consider and respect the views of every person who cares about the future of Highlands East.

I am committed to maintaining that balance by providing a voice on Council for all the members of our community.