Councillor for Ward 4, Highlands East
Ward 4

In 2001 the province amalgamated the Townships of Monmouth, Bicroft, Glamorgan and Cardiff into the Municipality of Highlands East. Each Township became a Ward in the new Municipality. Now each Ward elects a single representative to council and the voters in all four Wards vote to elect a single Reeve, to lead the council. 

How Do I Find Out What Ward I’m In? 

County maps still show the boundaries between the townships. If you are located within the boundaries of Monmouth, on our County map, you vote in Ward 4. If you are not sure you are included in Monmouth, call our Municipal Office at (705) 448 -2981, or call me at (705) 448-3074, I’ll be happy to help you.

How do I Vote?

This Municipality uses a Mail In Ballot System.  On or around the last week of September each Voter shown on the Voters’ List will be mailed a voter kit through Canada Post.   Voters will have the choice of mailing in their ballot no later than October 17th, 2014, or dropping off their Return voting Envelopes at 3 locations in the Municipality, on or prior to Election Day, October 27th  2014. You can ensure you are on the Voters’ List for this election by going to this website: and following the directions on the site. If you need help with any part of the voting process, please call me.