Councillor for Ward 4, Highlands East
Update: January 2018

Highlands East is hunkered down for the winter these days – It’s the time of year when we are hunched over draft budgets and grant applications for the coming year.
Our Highlands East Trails Committee has participated along with several other trails stakeholder groups in a grant application this month to the Haliburton Community Development Corporation for $20,0000 in matching funds to complete the rebuilding of HATVA trail 3.7, Haliburton Snowmobile Club Trail 9.  If the application is successful we will see the completion of the rebuilding of the trail, which has been a three years project, involving investment of approximately $200,000.00 to date by HATVA and the Haliburton Snowmobile Club. Once rebuilt, the trail will provide over 20 kilometres of scenic trail through Crown Land,  linking Gooderham to the villages of Haliburton and Minden. Wish us luck!

The Central Food Network, which operates the Food Banks in Wilberforce and Cardiff, is also applying this month for funding for a cooking program to be provided by Food Bank volunteers to the grade 8 class of the Wilberforce Elementary School. The pilot project is planned to commence immediately after the end of March break, and continue until graduation in June.  Again, wish us luck – and if you would like to support the program with a donation, please send it to: The Central Food Network, P.O. Box 213, Wilberforce ON K0L 3C0. We will be happy to provide a receipt for your charitable donation, if you provide your mailing address.

And Council has been working on the draft 2018 budget, which we expect to pass before the end of February. At this point the annual tax increase appears to be around the 2.4% range, and I will provide a fuller report on that when the final budget is passed later this month.