Councillor for Ward 4, Highlands East

I first arrived in Wilberforce as a cottager, with my parents, in 1955. In 2001 I retired from the practice of family law and moved here with my husband. Together we ran a business until 2011, when my husband retired, and I became the municipal councillor for Ward 4 in Highlands East.

For the past three and a half years, I have really enjoyed my job. Every week is different, something new always crops up, and there is always something to learn, in every situation. My experience in legal practice, mediation and operating a small business in Highlands East has been useful to me and to my fellow councillors as we have tackled various issues.
Together we have renovated the Lloyd Watson Centre Kitchen, brought a new library and new pharmacy to Wilberforce during this past term and we are working hard to bring a doctor to our community and to develop our trails system to improve our quality of life, and local economic growth. Much good has been done but there is more to do. I ask you to support me with your vote in the election in October 2014, so that I can continue to work for you.